Consumerization of Enterprise

“Unlike top-down sales processes which offer one shot at closing an account (a meeting with a CEO or VP), for bottoms up products, each employee is a credit-card-carrying-decision-maker.” – Jay Kapoor

There was a time when BlackBerry phones were cool. They were built for corporate people and had much better access to the internet.

Consumers, on the other hand, were stuck with tiny flip phones.

Then in 2007, things changed. The iPhone launched.

This is when consumerization of enterprise began.

“When BlackBerry users returned home and pulled off their ties, they picked up iPhones, which were a lot more fun to use. Soon, they wanted to use iPhones at work.” – The New Yorker

More and more workers started bringing their personal devices into the enterprise. At the same time, it was also economic for the companies – now they no longer had to provide employees with phones.

This trend started cutting into Blackberry’s enterprise business and eventually, disrupted it.

There was a definite tipping-point when personal devices had technologically surpassed their corporate counterparts.

“Who would want to use a slower, [clunky] machine for work when you know the smartphone in your pocket can perform better?” – Solutions Review

Thus, a natural bottom-up adoption occurred within organizations.

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Picture Credits: Tyler Lastovich/Unsplash

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