How to get users to vouch for your product?

“In New York in 2015, when Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to cap the number of [Uber] cars on the road, Uber tweaked the software inside of its app for New York based riders to show what it called “De Blasio’s Uber.”

That option showed fewer animated cars driving around on the mini-map inside the Uber app, with approximate wait times of up to a half-hour—five to six times longer than people usually had to wait for a ride.

“This is what Uber will look like in NYC if Mayor de Blasio’s Uber Cap Bill passes,” said the text inside a small, pop-up notification.

Users were invited to “take action,” and were presented with a button inside the app that emailed the mayor and the city council directly with a form letter prewritten by Uber.

By the end of the campaign, the mayor’s office had received thousands of letters from upset users protesting the potential ban. De Blasio ended up shelving the proposal.” – Mike Issac, Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

Note: Mayor De Blassio imposed a cap on Uber in 2019.

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