How is Airbnb adapting to this pandemic?

Airbnb is one of those companies that’s seen its business disappear due to the spread of covid-19.

As of now, the company has completely ripped off its normal app interface.

Now you’ll only see three categories – online experiences, monthly stays and accomodation for first responders.

Online/virtual experiences make complete sense. People are stuck at home – why not learn cooking, drawing or bartending.

Front line stays is interesting. Yes, healthcare workers and first responders need to stay closer to their patients—and safely distanced from their own families. So Airbnb launched this program and is waiving all service fees for these stays.

Since, Airbnb will not be generating much revenue from monthly and front-line stays – there will be a huge push towards virtual experiences.

The company might be betting on you to sign up for cooking classes on Airbnb to stay afloat.

Picture credit: HBR Staff/Westend61/Getty Images

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