Why did Spotify quietly release its own smart assistant?

Spotify is being crippled on two fronts.

Reliance on other smart assistants and hardware devices.

Spotify has been vocal about the thing with Apple. The music platform is struggling to “build an integration with Siri or work natively with Homepod smart speaker. In such a world, building voice control directly into the app was Spotify’s best option”, says The Verge

Spotify also revealed that it started testing a car smart assistant – they call it Car Thing. If you’re thinking how would you activate it – it’s “Hey Spotify”.

Spotify emphasizes that despite getting into hardware, their focus still remains on being the number one audio platform.

That makes sense. When your existing distrubution channel turns against you, the company has to figure out new ways of reaching the consumer.

So Spotify Voice is a move in the direction of reaching you directly and cutting off any dependency.

The big question I have – If hardware is not the focus, will Spotify be able to match the competition in terms of hardware quality?

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