Why is Apple so SIRIous?

“The company’s commitment to creating flawless online services is less of a priority than designing transformational hardware.” – Anonymous 

If a product doesn’t fall into Apple’s vision, it kinda falls into the creek.

Siri was not built by Apple. It was acquired. 

The founders’ vision was to build a smart assistant that was good at a specific use case – like booking flight tickets or ordering Hawaiian pizza from Papa John’s.

But Apple wanted something different. Apple wanted a general smart assistant – one which could do everything.

Since the very beginning, there was a clash in how people saw Siri’s future.

And, that was just one of the many challenges.

In the following decade, Apple faced some big hurdles – constant shuffle in leadership and Apple’s privacy efforts. These two slowed down Siri’s progress even further. 

Tim Cook’s mandate to privacy meant that Siri was lacking data to train itself and stand against Alexa/Google Assistant. Apple’s virtual assistant wasn’t smart enough because it needed massive amounts of data to be better at understanding humans, which the company didn’t want to collect. Ideological. 

But, because of all these reasons, Siri witnessed very poor user adoption. 

Recent Progress

Siri is finally getting some spotlight in Apple’s big event. In WWDC 2018, Apple announced Siri Shortcuts and a lot of other improvements – including better Airpods integration.

So why is Apple pushing for Siri now?

Apple didn’t just realize that it’s lagging behind in the competition. The Cupertino giant also figured that their future augmented reality glasses will have very limited functionality if it didn’t support a good virtual assistant.

Imagine wearing $1000 smart glasses and having to pull up your phone every time to control it. 

No, it should be just -‘Hey Siri…’

This is why Apple is now SIRIous.

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