Spotify vs Apple

Spotify vs Apple is an interesting story. 

Spotify has for long been stating how Apple isn’t fair to them. And yes, they have an entire website up to convince you. Check out ‘Time to Play Fair’ where they give you a comprehensive timeline. 

A couple of months ago, Apple did address their claims in an article but it didn’t help at all. They said –

“Spotify wouldn’t be the business they are today without the App Store ecosystem”. 

Well, it can go both ways.

iPhone was a game-changer when it launched in 2007. At that time, Steve Jobs didn’t allow any third-party app. However, Apple soon realized that this approach isn’t right if they want to sell more and more phones and really excite their users.

This is why Apple launched the App Store. And, apps like Spotify are what helped turn the iPhone into more than a fancy touchscreen phone.

research paper titled ‘What Factors Contributed to the Success of the iPhone?’ states:

“The success of the App store is clearly part of the success of the iPhone as well.”

So, Spotify can argue too, “iPhone wouldn’t be the product it is today without apps like Spotify.”

Overall, this argument completely dismisses the opportunistic mindset, creativity and hard work on both the sides and is thus, irrational. 

It’s like every time you have an argument with your mom, she comes back with –

“Remember you wouldn’t be who you are if I didn’t give birth to you.” 


Well, your mom can say that. But Apple, ….

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