Gym ISAs for Newbies

What if gyms had some sort of ISA (Income Share Agreement) for newbies. Most kids get into fitness when they are of age 16-20. But they start with the wrong form, technique, exercise, and diet. Most importantly, they lose motivation after some time, witness a drop in results, and in many cases, stop working out.… Continue reading Gym ISAs for Newbies

Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Microsoft Loop is gonna make it's enterprise clients very productive. This is one workspace that brings together Microsoft's disjointed ecosystem in one place. Notion went out to replace all the alternatives and become a one-stop shop. However, Microsoft Loop is first-of-all a solution to solve it's own mess of managing existing words, powerpoints, sharepoints and… Continue reading Notion Clone for Microsoft Office Lovers

Magic Leap is back

Magic Leap 2 will be launching next year - but the bigger news is that they're now focusing on enterprise applications. It never made sense what an average consumer would do with an AR headset. Yes, there's the Angry Birds game but other than that, it has no real utility for that $2300 price tag.… Continue reading Magic Leap is back

Web3 >> Big Tech

Had an old online friend on the pod last night. He mentioned reading something on Twitter that said - working in big tech today is similar to working in the banking industry in the early 2000's. What led to this? Twitter: Huge accounts hyping up Web3.Pace of Innovation: Web3 space churning out novel applications and… Continue reading Web3 >> Big Tech

This Weekend

This weekend I pretty much spent all my time learning about Web3. It is fascinating. If you were following the Facebook whistleblower news, you might be wondering what is the solution to Facebook holding so much power and affecting the psychology of the masses. The solution somewhere might be hidden in a decentralised architecture that… Continue reading This Weekend

Fireside: End-to-end Production

Mark Cuban's Fireside launches to all creators. After doing this podcast thing, I found how every step in the process is siloed and requires single-purpose tools. Why don't we have an end-to-end production tool? Fireside seems to be tackling this problem. It offers creators tools to create, edit, distribute, promote, measure, and monetize. Broadcast live… Continue reading Fireside: End-to-end Production

Product vs Distribution

What should I focus on: Product or Distribution At the end of the day, it all comes down to the product. However, distribution is important too. No one is gonna know of your amazing product if they aren't aware of its existence. Earlier this year, when I started building something with my buddy, it was… Continue reading Product vs Distribution

Apna: India’s Youngest Unicorn

Apna became India's youngest unicorn last month. It's basically LinkedIn for blue and grey collar workers. I tried it out and it's very effective. One of the types of unemployment is frictional unemployment. It's temporary and happens as a result of the "friction" in the job search process - that is every obstacle/process getting in… Continue reading Apna: India’s Youngest Unicorn

How Google can combat Fake Reviews?

Google Maps has a ton of fake reviews (especially in India). So when making a decision on what cafe, restaurant or experience to go to, I usually trust pictures. If that sushi looks good, there's an 87% chance it also tastes good. How is Google currently combating the fake review situation? Google has a program… Continue reading How Google can combat Fake Reviews?